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10 amazing robot vacuum concept

Ever since the first robot vacuum entered into the mainstream market, we have seen many other brands developing similar looking devices. Unfortunately, most of them look and feel like the same thing, just with a different packaging. The good news is that there are many designers and product developers out there who have developed their own robot vacuum concepts that look cool and challenge the ways a robot vacuum cleaner should work. Below are 10 such concepts. Enjoy!


#1: Dustball by Dave Hakkens

robot vacuum concept - dustball

Unlike home versions of robotic vacuums, the dustball is meant to be durable. It can be used in public spaces where there are more potential for knocks and damages.  In fact, the dustball has been designed to be kicked around by passer-by as it crosses their path.


#2: Nanophea by Zaier Jihed

robot vacuum concept - nanophea

Nanophea is a totally frictional concept that imagines a robot vacuum that cleans using nano technology.  The design inspiration came from a lotus leave and represents elegance and strength.


#3: Limbo robot by Elliot Chan

robot vacuum concept - limbo robot

As part of the 2013 International Housewares Show 2013 in Chicago, Casabella and designer Elliot Chan submitted his robot vacuum concept, which is powered by the microbes in the dust and dirt that it has sucked in. Its wheel are also capable of expanding or contracting, thus allowing the robot vacuum to be able to mount the stairs.


#4: Eclipse by Erik Andershed

robot vacuum concept - Eclipse

Created for electrolux, this robot vacuum cleaner works very differently from current models. Its suction function works very much like the traditional vacuum cleaner but it has an advance navigation system to guide the robot around obstacles. It can also be made to follow the owner around thus allowing him to dictate where should be clean.


#5:  Bio Cleaner by Hsu Sean

robot vacuum concept - bio cleaner 2

Unlike other robot vacuum cleaners, the bio-cleaner is designed to help clean the oil spills at sea, something that is dangerous for humans to do. It uses biosensor technology to help guide itself to find the oil spots and conduct the cleaning.


#6: Mab by Adrian Perez Zapata

robot vacuum concept - mab

Unlike your typical robot vacuum cleaner, Mab consist of a network of smaller robot units that uses swarming technology to get your house clean.  It is a nice idea but I wonder if the technology is good enough for the house to survive hundreds of such cleaners doing the cleaning.


#7: Robo Tap by Gyu Ha Choi

robot vacuum concept - robo tap

One of the winning entries of electrolux’s 2011 design competition. Its outstanding innovation is the ability to use your foot to direct where you want the robot vacuum to focus on.


#8:  Puppy robot vacuum by Hyun-Seok Kim

robot vacuum concept - puppy cleaner

The robotic puppy vacuum actually consist of 5 objects: 4 cleaning unit and 1 recharging unit.  The concept is very cute and I am sure many folks will buy this just to see robotic puppies running around their homes.


#9: Scorio by Anoop M

robot vacuum concept - scropio

The two ‘claws’ of this machine acts as brushes that can reach into difficult corners while the tail is the blower. This machine can be controlled via a remote and becomes almost like a home cleaning toy, rather than a vacuum cleaner.


#10:  Handy VA by Lee Hyeon Cheol

robot vacuum concept - handy VA 1 robot vacuum concept - handy VA 2

Handy VA is a robot vacuum concept that has a detachable hand vacuum. This is to allow home owners to clean the spots that the robot vacuum cleaners cannot reach.


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