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Best robot cleaner for windows

Cleaning the windows is a very important chore if we want to keep our family healthy, but unfortunately not all of us tend to do this that often, and thus we expose ourselves to various respiratory problems and so on. The best thing we can do is to purchase a robot cleaner for windows, as these devices can perform the meaningful tasks very fast and without hassle. Windoro is one robot cleaner for windows.


Best robot cleaner for windows

The design of a robot cleaner for windows is quite different when compared to a robot vacuum for example. It is comprised by 2 different parts that are placed on both sides of a window. These have a magnet that holds them close to each other, and when one moves, the other will automatically move in the same direction due to the magnetic force.

The movement module is where all the power is located, as the second module is used only for cleaning. As you might expect, since there are two modules, you do need a good batter for the movement module. Even so, the device shows different types of leds that display if the magnetic force is good or not, the battery status and so on.

Cleaning with a robot cleaner for windows is quite an easy thing to do actually, as the only action you need to perform is to fill its cleaning module tank with cleaning solution. Windoro’s tank can hold around 40 ml of fluid.

The cleaning module includes some microfiber cleaning pads that are attached to some rotating disks. These provide a state of the art cleaning without any human intervention. The device also brings two rubber wheels that are designed as spacers.

Windoro does have a powerful remote control, but you can easily use the device without that. You can start, stop or pause the robot during the cleaning process, you can even control the robot manually using the directional keys, if you want.

The batteries are placed inside the robot, so they can’t be removed. Instead you will have to take the whole robot and charge it.

Using Windoro is quite simple, you just need to make sure that the batteries are charged and that you attached the cleaning pads. The final, and most important step is to fill the tank with cleaning fluid. The two units of the device are connected wirelessly.

Depending on the thickness of the window and other factors you need to add the correct strength to the device. Also, you need to place it around 10 cm away from the window frame as that can cause damage to the window.

Before cleaning, the robot will do a test movement on the window to check its size. The cleaning time is around 5-10 minutes, depending on the size of the window. However, since the device doesn’t go near the edge of the window, you will have to clean that region manually. Even so, the result is quite spectacular, and the Windoro is surely worth a try.

Charging the device will take around 2 hours and a half, and a full charge will last for around 90 minutes of cleaning, enough to take care of most windows in your apartment.

Performing maintenance on it is quite easy. You need to wash the cleaning pads from time to time, but remember that when you use the device, these need to be dry, otherwise they will leave marks on the window.

You will also have to clean the wheels, which can be quite a meaningful task to do. You have to perform this each time you plan to use the device on a new window, as the windows can be uneven and some problems might arise, which is not that good.

In the end, Windoro is a great device that does help quite a lot of people, especially those that don’t have that much time to clean the windows by themselves. With a great battery, innovative cleaning process and small size, the device is perfect for any type of home, and we definitely recommend that you give it a try right away.


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