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Best robot vacuum and mop

With the latest advancements in technology it’s easy to say that just about anything becomes doable, and we are proud to live in this world. And since we live in a society where time is of the essence, we barely have time for ourselves, so cleaning the house is close to impossible. Thanks to the automatic floor cleaners we are able to enjoy some time off and relax while they remove all the dirt and dust from out floors.

In this article we are going to focus on the Mint Plus Automatic Floor Cleaner and Mami KF7 All in 1 Mopping and Brushing Robot Vacuum to see which is the best robot vacuum and mopping cleaner.

Best robot vacuum and mop


Size and weight

Both of these devices are quite small and suitable for any type of home, which is great. The Mint has a much normal shape where the Mami goes with a unique, circular approach. The shape doesn’t impact functionality that much, so it’s only something that depends on your taste, from a visual standpoint. Furthermore, Mint has around 8 pounds while the Mami device is a little larger than it, with more than 12 pounds. As you can see, the weight difference is not that large, but if you want a lighter device you need to go with the Mint.


Ease of use

Surprisingly, both devices are very easy to use, as they come with great mopping pads that can be swapped at any given time, adding a lot of utility to them. Since both of them are small, they fit just about anywhere.



Mami is very easy to clean and maintain, you just remove the dust container, get rid of the dust and then wash the container with water, with close to no effort. Mint is also easy to maintain, as you need to change the mopping cloth and that’s it. What’s more, you can also clean the recipient where you place the mopping liquid very fast. In conclusion, both devices are very easy to maintain, which is great.


Usage and results

Mint bring a lot of unique features that make the cleaning process impressive when you perform a wet clean, as it uses the mopping fluids to make sure that the floor is as clean as possible. Despite that, the dry cleaning can have some mishaps at time, as you do need to chance the mopping cloth during the cleaning process if you want it to be effective, since it does tend to gather dirt and dust to the point when it starts leaving some behind. The Mami on the other hand does its job fairly well, but it seems to go very slow on the carpet, so it’s highly recommended on wooden floors. It goes under the carpet or furniture, just like Mint, but it does miss some dirt from time to time, so it’s not perfect.


Speed and noise

Both of these two devices are very silent and you can easily leave them at night to do their job. The Mami goes to its charging location when finishing, while Mint doesn’t. As for the speed itself, Mint is a little slow than you might expect, when compared to other similar devices, but it does a great job in cleaning your floor, as it doesn’t leave that much dirt and grime behind. Mami is also very fast and it does its job in record time.



For getting a Mami device you need to pay around $449, while acquiring the Mint will require around $720. While Mint is a little more expensive, it does add a lot of new features such as wet cleaning that make the purchase worthwhile.


Type of flooring that is suited for each mode

Mint works great on wooden floors, as it does tend to give a better performance on that type of floor. Mami works great on carpet, but when it comes to the best surface, the wooden floor is also the recommended one.


Mopping feature

Mint’s mopping feature works great as it adds a lot of variety to the device itself and it helps you perform web surface cleaning which is amazing. Mami does do mopping fairly well, although you do need to change the mopping pad often in order to see some great results.


In the end, both devices offer a lot of features and variety to make them worthwhile, as they will help you save a lot of time that you otherwise had to spend cleaning. It mainly depends on what you want to use the device for, if you want wet cleaning and a smaller weight go with the Mint, otherwise, if you want a product that is more expensive but which still provides a great value, then the Mami can be a good purchase.

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