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Best robot vacuum cleaner for 2015

There are many robot vacuum cleaners in 2015 that have been newly launched.  However, which one is really the best value for money option in 2015? That is what you will be finding out as the article roundups the latest robotic vacuum cleaners and compares their functions and performance.


Roomba 880 review

iRobot Roomba 880 reviewRoomba is arguably the market leader when it comes to robotic vacuum cleaners. Its latest 2015 model is the Roomba 880. You can check out our Roomba 880 review here. In summary, the new model has a few tricks that you might really appreciate.

Its main improvement over the previous Roomba models is its AeroForce Extractors and the AeroForce Performance Cleaning system. It has well documented that this new cleaning system is able to pick up more dust, pet hair, dirt on carpeted flooring.  On hard wood flooring, I don’t think there is any noticeable performance improvement over previous models.

Another noticeable improvement is its navigation capability. One of the contributors to this is the rear cliff sensors that comes with the new Roomba 880. This rear sensor allows the Roomba to ‘reverse’ from a collision and improves its navigation performance significantly.

Roomba 880 is definitely faster and quieter than older models. It can clean a room at around 70-80% of what the older models need. The noise reduction is also rather noticeable.  Battery life wise, it has an extended life that can extend to twice the time of the old Roomba models.


Neato Botvac 85 review

Neato Botvac 85 reviewAnother popular robotic vacuum cleaner is Neato and their latest mode is the Botvac 85. Its biggest improvement is the combo brush which really can pick up a lot of hair and dirt, especially on carpeted flooring.  This new mode also introduces the side brushes that are similar to Roomba but these don’t last that well. You will probably need to replace them in a matter of months. Fortunately, you can buy a big pack for cheap so the cost of replacement isn’t that high.

Its ability to navigate the entire house without using virtual lighthouse is still its biggest strength over the Roomba.  The Neato Botvac 85 is able to go room to room without a human setting up cleaning zones and what not. However, they do have problems with small spaces. This is due to their need to first ‘circle’ a room before diving in to do the cleaning. When it is in a small space with objects on the ground, it is unable to perform this circling action, which can leave to serious navigation problems.

Another advantage that Neato Botvac has is its price. It can be purchased for typically less than USD400 which is cheap when compared to the Roomba 880, which can cost up to USD700. This price difference is significant enough for many people to choose this over the Roomba model.

One thing you need to note is that it is not adviseable to upgrade the firm ware if the robot vacuum cleaner is performing well for you. Firmware upgrades are a tricky thing and if you get it wrong, the customer service at Neato is not going to be much help. In fact, there has been many complaints in forums over the service quality of Neato’s customer support so beware of that when you are thinking about buying this unit.


Samsung PowerBot VR9000 review

Samsung PowerBot VR9000 reviewThe Samsung vacuum robotic cleaner is the latest model from the Korean electronic giant. It has some cool features and matches to what Neato and Roomba can do with a few missing functions. The most noticeable is the side brush. These help to pick up dirt especially along the sides of the wall so without them,  the Samsung PowerPot VR9000 cannot outperform the Neato and Roomba.

Another big turn off is its price point. At USD1000, it is way more expensive than what the previous 2 models command. Given that the cleaning performance isn’t better than what is the market, I am hard pressed to think anyone will shell out the money to pay for this when they get cheaper and arguably better cleaning robots from Neato and Roomba.


Dyson 360 Eye review

Dyson 360 vs RoombaThe Dyson 360 Eye robotic cleaner is a new introduction for the cleaning market.  It has not been released into the market yet but is believed to be coming soon. The first impression you have of the Dyson 360 Eye is its height. It is much taller than the traditional robot vacuum cleaner and that might present a problem when it comes to cleaning under your furniture.

Another downside to the 360 Eye is the lack of side brushes. This is something I completely do not understand as Roomba has already proven that consumers want the side brushes as they can better clean the sides of the wall. How can any robotic vacuum cleaner company not design this in is anybody’s guess. Maybe they don’t want to make money?


Vileda robotic cleaner review

Vileda robotic cleaner reviewYou have probably never see this brand before but it is a hot seller on Amazon UK right now. Reason? Price is a big factor. You can buy this robotic vacuum cleaner for about USD250. How about its performance? Realistically speaking, it can perform the usual cleaning that is expected for a robot vacuum cleaner. However, when you compare the details, it is clear that there are certain things missing from this robot.

First of all, there is no self docking system. It is however still rechargeable. You just need to do it manually.  There are also no side brushes like the Dyson 360 and the Samsung PowerBot VR9000. In terms of actual cleaning, the amount of dirt it can pick is less compared to Roomba and Neato, when you compare what is inside the bag.

Overall, Vileda is just a cheaper alternative that can perform basic functions, although not to the extent of the more established robotic vacuum cleaners in the market.



The best robotic vacuum cleaner for 2015 is either the Roomba 880 or the Neato Botvac 85 model.  They cleaned well, especially on carpeted floors, and are easy to maintain.

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