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Best robot vacuum for concrete floors

Given that there is no one best robot vacuum cleaner for all environments, we decide to recommend the best robot vacuum under each specific scenario that might describe your particular circumstances. In this article, we will evaluate the various robot vacuum to see which model is the best robot vacuum for concrete floors.


Top robot vacuum cleaners for Concrete flooring

PhotoModelOur Ratings and Review
neato Xv-14 robot vacuumNeato Xv-14 robotic vacuum with extra brush headsEditor's Choice
Works very well on concrete floors
Roomba 880 robot vacuumiRobot Roomba 880 Vacuum Cleaning RobotProven to work on all hard surfaces
Roomba 980 robot vacuumRobot Roomba 980 Vacuum Cleaning RobotWork well on concrete but is pricey


Problem in using robot vacuum for concrete flooring

The main problem for concrete flooring is the potential scratches that can happen when you have stained or wax flooring. What happens is that some of the robot vacuum’s front wheels and brushes have leave marks on the flooring when they go about their daily cleaning. The wax on concrete flooring is especially open to such damages so this is something you need to watch out when purchasing a robot vacuum.

On the other hand, if your concrete flooring has no waxing, there is lessor probability of the robot vacuum cleaners leaving any marks on the floor.



For concrete flooring with no waxing or staining: any of the common robot vaccum cleaners will suffice. The roomba and scooba works especially well on concrete flooring so you will have no problems there. See my review on the latest Roomba 880.

roomba image



For concrete flooring with waxing: The Ottoro S100 does not use any brushes to pick up the dirt. Instead, it uses pure air suction which means it will not leave scratches on the waxing. However, the Ottoro S100 is currently only available from Germany and Korea so you might need to ship it in, which will increase your shipping costs.

Best robot vacuum for concrete floors



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