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Best robotic lawn mower: Robomow RS630

A lawn gives a unique aspect to your house, but maintaining it does require a lot of time and you might not be able to do that very often, so the best option is to look for alternatives. You can hire someone do take care of the lawn for you or, if you want, you can purchase a robotic lawnmower. Robomow RS630 is the best tool that can perform this job for you, with complete precision, speed and accuracy.

With the help of such a device you can easily shorten the lawn maintenance process duration, which is surely a plus. Additionally, the Robomow RS630 also comes with a rain sensor or slopes detector that make it very feasible and durable.

Best robotic lawn mower

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Size and Weight

Robomow RS630 is quite small and it brings its own charging dock so it won’t eat up any space, which is crucial, as we always need to save as much space as possible. In regards to the weight, the device is around 20 Kg, so it’s not that heavy to begin with, which makes it the perfect tool for the job.


Ease of use

Any robotic lawnmower needs to be very easy to use and with the lowest human interaction as possible. This is exactly what you get here, with the Robomow RS630. The device performs a scan to see the nearing regions and it even can go up on slopes if needed. Since this tool supports a maximum lawn size of around 3000 square feet, you won’t have a problem using it on any type of loan with impressive results.

The whole experience of using it is just astonishing. You just plug it in, choose the program you want or let the device make that decision for you. Once all of these actions are performed, you just let the device do its job and you can get back to your daily chores/job.



Robomow RS630 doesn’t have any items, such as blades for example, which need to be replaced, and that means you rarely have to perform any maintenance on it. Washing the blades in order to keep it clean is something that you should do though, but be careful not to pour water on the electrical side.



This device takes 120 minutes to charge and it will provide you with around 1 hour of working time. This means that it can literally clear up any lawn very fast, thanks to its impressive 400W mowing motors and a great blade speed. All in all, you can get a lot of power from this device, despite its small size, so your lawn will be clean in no time thanks to it.


Extra features

One of the major features included with the Robomow RS630 is certainly the rain sensor that helps the device stop and return to base if it senses humidity. Additionally, the device is suitable for multiple garden zones, has a child lock, anti-theft mode in the form of a pin code and, of course, height adjustment features. All of these combined make the Robomow RS630 a very good device for any type of lawn owner.



The device brings a noise level that you would expect from a robot lawnmower, and that is about 74Db. It’s a little loud, but then again it won’t be in your home and the lawn mowing process will take less than 1h.



The price for this device is a little different depending on where you purchase it from, but it usually ranges at around $2000 or more. While it might seem like a steep price for some people, it’s safe to say that Robomow RS630 more than delivers and it also has a great durability, so you do make a purchase but you’ll be able to use it for years and years after it breaks.



Robomow RS630 is by far one of the best robotic lawnmowers you can find on the market. With the help of its extra features it can avoid bad weather and it even has an anti-theft function which is very useful. In the end, Robomow RS630 is well worth the price if you own a lawn and you don’t want to do the tedious job of maintaining it yourself.

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