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Bosch robotic lawn mower review: Is it the best?

As you already know, mowing the lawn can be a tedious job, so having a robotic lawnmower to do the job seems like the perfect thing to do. With so many tools that perform this job, it can be really hard to find the perfect one to help you. This is where the Bosch Indego comes in. Unlike many other robotic lawnmowers, the device brings a unique set of features that make it one of the best ways to clean your lawn. Is it better than the best robotic lawn mower that we have recommended? Read on to find out.

Bosch robotic lawn mower review



Bosch Indego can mow an area of around 1000 square meters without a problem, although the device will have to recharge itself after 200 square meters. This means that you can easily leave it do its job outside while you are performing other tasks in the house. The device will come to its charging pad automatically then continue its job until finishes, which is a really nice touch. The mowing time last around 20 minutes, time after which the device needs to go and recharge.



Unlike other lawnmowers, Bosch Indego mows in sequential rows, which proves to be by far a more effective approach. When mowing, the device actually mulches grass clippings during that process and it doesn’t expel the exhaust. This particular method brings a lot of efficiency into the mix, which is really unique to say the least. While the mowing time remains pretty much the same, this mowing method brought by Bosch Indego is a lot more efficient when it comes to results, and that’s what matters in the end.

Thanks to its unique navigational ability, Bosch Indego uses the charging pad as the navigation point and it immediately resumes the mowing place, just to make sure that everything is done properly and in time.


Extra features

Bosch Indego comes with fixing nails and pegs for docking station and the perimeter wire, which help the device stay on course and mow the lawn efficiently. But one of the best features that it provides is certainly the alarm that will sound automatically when the device is removed from the property of its owner. The alarm is so loud that it’s definitely worth it, because you will immediately know if a thief is attempting to steal your device.

Moreover, the device handles up to 35% slopes and it has a PIN system that makes it even harder for other people to gain access to it.



The device is very easy to clean because you just have to remove the grass clippings. It doesn’t keep any grass inside, which means that the grass will be evenly spread on the lawn and you can clean it for yourself, a process that won’t take that much.


Speed and noise

The device stays around 70 Db, which is ok for a robotic lawn mower, and the mowing speed is quite good as well, as you can easily cut grass from the lawn efficiently within an hour or so, no matter how large your lawn is.



Some people might consider the price of more than $2000 as being way too much to spend on a robotic lawnmower, but on the other hand the Bosch Indego is really good at what he does and it does its job almost perfectly, removing a lot of hassle from your hands.



Bosch Indego is one of the best robotic lawnmowers on the market. With a small size, yet complete precision and effectiveness, as well as a great set of additional features, this device is certainly the robotic lawnmower you need!

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