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Ultimate buying guide for the best robot vacuum cleaner

Nothing can be more important than a clean home, and that is why buying a vacuum cleaner is really important for any house owner. However, you do need to make sure that you have the proper tools to get the job done, and this is where the robot vacuum cleaners come in. These are great, state of the art gadgets that don’t tend to occupy a lot of space in your home yet they still manage to get the job done fast and without too much effort.

While these devices don’t eliminate the need for a normal vacuum cleaner, they do make the whole cleaning process a lot shorter. On top of that, it’s much simpler and easier to use, because you just turn them on, select the program then forget about them completely, as some models go to their charging dock when finished.

When you want to purchase a robotic vacuum cleaner you need to be looking for numerous things, but the most important ones are included in the list that follows.


robot vacuum buying guide


Size and Weight

When you purchase such a device it’s crucial to make sure that it’s low on size and that it doesn’t really occupy a lot of space, because most of the time you won’t have enough space to store it. This is especially true for those persons living in a small apartment. So choose the size based on how much room you have for it. Smaller is better in this case. As for the weight, always remember that light is great, because it gives you a lot more maneuverability, which is crucial at all times.


Ease of use

Some of these devices come with mopping pads that can be swapped at any time, while others bring a wet cleaning process. It’s up to you to select the one you need, but remember that each type of cleaning is suitable for a certain type of surface. Since most of the time you are going to use your robotic vacuum cleaner on either wood or carpet, try and find a device that works great on these two surfaces. Also, check out how often you need to swap the mopping pads and if it needs any other human interaction other than choosing the program.



This has to be one of the most important aspects of the purchase, aside from the usage itself. Since you purchase this device to keep the house clean, the last thing you want is to have it dirty. This is why you need to check how simple or hard it can be to wash or clean the device. Most of the time, the higher number of parts and the larger the robot, the harder it is to clean, so again, smaller size is indeed better.


Extra features

The more expensive robotic vacuum cleaners allow you to schedule certain programs in advance, such as cleaning while you are away from home or in the morning, while you drink your coffee. While these devices should at least be kept under a simple surveillance, this type of feature can help some people quite a lot. However, you will have to pay a hefty sum of money if you want such features, so take this, and any other extras in consideration when you purchase. See if you actually need them, as you can save a lot of money from the budget.


Usage and Maintenance

Nothing is more important than how the device actually works. You need to find out if it can go under the furniture, how much dirt and grime can hold, what you need to do in order to maintain it and numerous other things such as this one. You should also think about the fact that at some point the device might break and you will need some parts, so take that into consideration as well.

Some of these robot vacuum cleaners tend to gather dust only up to a certain point where they become inefficient so do check the dust container size as that is also important.


Speed and noise

Faster is better, of course, but some vacuum cleaners tend to take a lot more time in order to perform a better cleaning process. So you do need to place speed and efficiency in the balance at this point. Some people prefer that the robot does the job fast and they continue a little after it while others want the cleaning results to be as perfect as possible. As for the noise, this is self explanatory, the less noise, the better the machine.



Price differs a lot for robot vacuum cleaners, mainly because of the additional features that come with it. For a professional, yet bare-bones tool you can spend around 200-250$, but as you add features and, of course, if you go for a reputable manufacturer, then prices can go up to 700$ or even more. This is why you need to consult your budget, then eliminate the features you don’t want from the device in order to keep the costs low.


Check reviews and comparisons

It’s really important to check out the forums and document on the devices you want to purchase. See what customers have to say about their products, what problems they encountered with them and so on. Always make sure that you check forums as well, as these you will find most of the complaints, if any. If dozens of people tend to complain about the same thing, then you do really need to take that into consideration when making a purchase. Choose at least two or three devices then start finding good and bad points for each one. Use the elimination technique to find the one that is less faulty, and that’s it.

In summary, buying a robot vacuum can be very easy to do, as long as you document a lot, know the exact budget and the other requirements such as size for example. Don’t purchase on the fly, instead try and compare all the devices you like prior to choosing one, as you will use this device at least a few days a week, so it has to function properly and provide you with the features you need in order to make the purchase a worthwhile one.

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