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Neato XV Series vs Botvac

When you want to purchase a new robot vacuum, there are numerous criteria that you are looking for. Of course, one of the most important ones is the manufacturer, as there are some reputable ones on the market that make the best robot vacuums out there. One of them is

Dyson 360 vs Roomba 800/700 series

Having a robotic vacuum cleaner is much more than a fad nowadays, it’s more of a necessity as you can use them to clean your house while you are away. Some of the major competitors or the robotic vacuum market is the iRobot Roombe 880 family and the upcoming Dyson

What is the most quiet robot vacuum cleaner for your money

One of the major complaints for any robot vacuum cleaner user is the amount of noise the machine generates. It is by no means unbearable but some might want a quieter experience because of reasons such as having a baby in the house or leaving the cleaner to work at

Roomba vs Mint: which robot vacuum is better?

If you told anyone a few decades ago that robots are going to take care of the cleaning process in the near future then they wouldn’t believe you. However, we are now in the 21st century and while robots aren’t as evolved as we imagined, we do have the opportunity

Roomba vs Neato: Which is the best robotic vacuum cleaner

The vacuum cleaners were a huge step forward when it comes to cleaning technology but people quickly became tired of doing the job manually and thought that it would be great to have someone else do it for them. This is how the autonomous robotic vacuum cleaners were born. These devices,