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Up next: robot security for your home?

We have robot vacuum cleaners, robotic lawn mowers and even robotic window cleaners. Now, get ready for robotic security bots! LG, in this year's CES 2016 displayed its latest domestic robot product, which is the security patrol bot. Basically, it uses the same sensor technology that many current domestic robotic cleaners

Best robot cleaner for windows

Cleaning the windows is a very important chore if we want to keep our family healthy, but unfortunately not all of us tend to do this that often, and thus we expose ourselves to various respiratory problems and so on. The best thing we can do is to purchase a

Desktop robot vacuum and other robot toys you will love

When we talk about robot vacuum cleaners, our immediate thought is a flat device moving on the ground. Recently, I bumped into these super cool dessktop robot vacuum cleaners that cleans the desktop instead of the floor! They look ultra sleek and would make wonderful presents or gifts to anyone

10 amazing robot vacuum concept

Ever since the first robot vacuum entered into the mainstream market, we have seen many other brands developing similar looking devices. Unfortunately, most of them look and feel like the same thing, just with a different packaging. The good news is that there are many designers and product developers out