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John deere robotic lawn mower review

Taking care of your lawn can prove to be a tedious job, but thankfully you can now use a robotic lawnmower that can perform this job for you without hassle. John Deere's TANGO E5 is the device you need when it comes to taking care of your lawn fast and

Best robotic lawn mower: Robomow RS630

A lawn gives a unique aspect to your house, but maintaining it does require a lot of time and you might not be able to do that very often, so the best option is to look for alternatives. You can hire someone do take care of the lawn for you

iRobot Roomba 880 review: should you consider this new model?

Being able to keep dust/grime at bay in your home is crucial from a health standpoint, and that’s why you need to make sure that your home is clean at all times. This is especially true if you own a pet, because pet hair can cause lots of allergies and

Best robot vacuum for pool

Having a pool nowadays is really great, because it does give you a chance to unwind and forget about the daily problems. Once you get in the pool, you have fun and you help your body relax, which is awesome. However, the pool can get dirty from time to time

Best robot vacuum under 500

With the technology evolving at a very rapid pace, the robot vacuum cleaners are becoming more and more popular for all users because they bring high quality cleaning with close to no hassle at a very good cost. This is the main reason why robot vacuum cleaners have indeed become

Ultimate buying guide for the best robot vacuum cleaner

Nothing can be more important than a clean home, and that is why buying a vacuum cleaner is really important for any house owner. However, you do need to make sure that you have the proper tools to get the job done, and this is where the robot vacuum cleaners

Best robot vacuum and mop

With the latest advancements in technology it’s easy to say that just about anything becomes doable, and we are proud to live in this world. And since we live in a society where time is of the essence, we barely have time for ourselves, so cleaning the house is close

The best robot vacuums under $200 for those with a tight budget

With technology breakthroughs happening at the speed of light, quality robot vacuums can be purchased far more reasonable than in the past. The concept of scheduling a robot vacuum to clean floors while homeowners are away was very attractive, but the price tag was often a consumer barrier. While robot

Best robot vacuum for concrete floors

Given that there is no one best robot vacuum cleaner for all environments, we decide to recommend the best robot vacuum under each specific scenario that might describe your particular circumstances. In this article, we will evaluate the various robot vacuum to see which model is the best robot vacuum