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Desktop robot vacuum and other robot toys you will love

When we talk about robot vacuum cleaners, our immediate thought is a flat device moving on the ground. Recently, I bumped into these super cool dessktop robot vacuum cleaners that cleans the desktop instead of the floor! They look ultra sleek and would make wonderful presents or gifts to anyone who likes robotic toys or cool gadgets in general. So, I went to search around to see what other desktop robotic toys are available and the list below is what I have found.

#1: Desktop robot vacuum cleaner

desktop robot vacuum


These desktop robot vacuum cleaners are adorable, aren’t they? They are measured 3.75(h) x 5(w) inches and can be mainly used to clean up with the dust and dirt on your desktop. All you need to do is tap them on their head and hover them above the areas where you want them to clean. It is a lot fun watching them suck all the dirt up. It is a pity they can’t move by themselves like how the normal robot vacuums do.


#2: Desktop robot arm

desktop robot arm

Initially, when I first heard of this thing, I don’t even know why would anyone want one. However, after the video demo of how a desktop robot arm works, I understand how it can be fun.  For example, you can programmed it to play music :) There are other practical uses such as programming it to do repetitive task.  Currently, this desktop robot arm is being funded at kickstarter and is not available at the market yet.


#3: Desktop robot pets – TankBot

desktop robot pets

Tankbot is a very fun desktop robot pet that you can play on your desktop. One of my favorite activity is to build a maze using whatever materials is available on my desk. Then I would try to get the tankbot to navigate the maze. For whatever reasons, this is strangle addicitive and will be a nice distraction when you need a break from doing serious work.  The tankbot can also controlled via your mobile devices so that you can use them do desktop robot battle!


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