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Dyson 360 vs Roomba 800/700 series

Having a robotic vacuum cleaner is much more than a fad nowadays, it’s more of a necessity as you can use them to clean your house while you are away. Some of the major competitors or the robotic vacuum market is the iRobot Roombe 880 family and the upcoming Dyson 360 Eye.

Dyson 360 vs Roomba


Size and weight

Although the official sizes for the Dyson 360 Eye aren’t announced yet, from what we can see it’s quite clear that the device is much taller and heavier than the Roomba. With 20.5 x 5.5 x 16.5 inches and a weight of around 12.9 lbs, Roomba’s device won’t occupy a lot of space and that’s amazing for people that do want to save up a lot of space. We are still waiting for the official statement in regards to the Dyson 360 Eye size, but despite being larger than the Roomba it will still be easy to transport to other room or location, we can be sure of that.


Ease of use

Roomba comes with some great virtual wall lighthouses that immediately pinpoint the room size and creates a map for it. When it runs out of power, it will just go back to the charging pad. It also comes with an extended battery life that can bring up to 2.5 of continuous functioning.

Dyson 360 Eye on the other hand comes with the most powerful suctioning power on the market, which enables it to capture more dirt than any other device in a single go. Moreover, it includes a panoramic camera that is used to create a photorealistic model of the room. The cleaning method is a spiral square, and when it will encounter an object it will simply go near it. The interesting thing here is that thanks to this technology the Dyson 360 Eye can clean much better and faster than any other device, even if it can’t go under furniture for example due to its size.



Roomba’s robot is very easy to clean, but Dyson 360 Eye seems to be a little complex to turn apart and clean so it will be a little challenging to do that. Despite that, the outer portions of both devices are easy to clean, so just the pieces that go internally might be a little tricky to deal with.


Extra features

Roomba comes with a responsive navigation technology, as well as an integrated pet hair removal feature. Moreover, it takes extra care when dealing with the furniture and it won’t fall down the stairs as well. Dyson 360 Eye has tank tracks that will provide it with the necessary adherence, so it will work in any environment without hassle. It can receive schedules to create the entire house and it will even alert you on your phone if any problem was encountered during the cleaning process or if cleaning is completed. The device is also able to perform impressive calculations in order to make its own decisions when it comes to avoiding obstacles for example.



Roomba’s price varies depending on where you plan to buy it and the model. It can be anywhere from $700 to $1000, depending on the features. Dyson 360 Eye doesn’t have a price yet, although we do know that it’s set to release in Japan early 2015.



Both the Roomba and Dyson 360 Eye are offering an amazing ease of use and great results, so it’s safe to say that they will do a great job. When it comes to choosing one out of them, you might want to opt for the one that suits your needs. Roomba comes with a smaller size and it can go under furniture, while Dyson 360 Eye can be controlled via your smartphone. Both of them are great for home use, so no matter which one you select, you’re clearly a winner!

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