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Flymo robotic lawn mower review – Buy it!

Taking care of your lawn is quite an important deal so you do need to make sure that you always use the best tools to perform this job. However, doing this job on your own is not something you want to, because it can be tedious and not that easy to perform.

Thankfully, the Flymo robotic lawnmower can remove all the hassle from your hands by providing you with the best lawnmowing experience you can find on the market.

Flymo robotic lawnmower review



Right from the start you can see that the Flymo is really small, but this doesn’t mean that it’s not powerful. With a working area of around 400 square feet and an automatic charging system, the lawnmower is suitable for even the larger lawns. We found it really interesting that the device can actually work within a maximum incline of around 25%, which actually defines most of the slopes you can find in your lawn.

Flymo has a powerful keypad with 15 programmable buttons so using the device is very easy and rewarding. We liked that it even has a timer mode so if you want it to mow the lawn at a certain time or stop after a period it can easily do that. This feature is actually very useful for those of us that don’t have the time to stay after the device.


Cutting performance

The Flymo comes with 3 pivoting razor blades that are really sharp so mowing is just a pleasure with them. When it comes to how good the cut is, it’s certainly safe to say that it’s close to perfection. Everything is mown rapidly and the results are just astonishing, as we were really impressed with it. The charging time takes around 1 hour and a half, and once it’s fully charged, the device can mow for an hour. The cut height is in between 20 and up to 50 mm which is good for most home users.



Every robotic lawnmower has to be quiet so the neighbors won’t be disturbed during the process. Thankfully, Flymo’s magnificent device comes with a sound level of around 56Db which is perfect for all users. It’s important to know that you can also activate an alarm and insert a time lock, pin code and so on, so the mower is quite secure as well, and that is certainly a nice thing.


Extra features

The power consumption of the Flymo mower is around 20W and the loop wire has 150m, which is very good. It comes with 200 stables, but unfortunately there are no extra blades, so if one of them breaks for one reason or another, you just need to find them.

Additionally, the Flymo robotic lawnmower comes with a weight of around 7.4 Kg which we found to be tolerable, considering the fact that you won’t have to carry it and it does its job on its own. Flymo does bring its own collateral sensors so it will immediately stop if it detects a human presence in the mowing area, an amazing feature when it comes to preventing injuries. It’s important to know that the Flymo mower is very compact, so water won’t infiltrate inside it even if it rains, a nice little detail that will certainly save you a lot!



In the end, Flymo’s robotic lawnmower is a very good tool when it comes to cutting your lawn at a professional level. Specifically designed for home users, this device can even work while raining, is fully programmable and you will certainly fall in love with it the more you use it. Due to its affordable price and immense benefits it brings, we recommended to any house owner in need of a robotic lawnmower.

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