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John deere robotic lawn mower review

Taking care of your lawn can prove to be a tedious job, but thankfully you can now use a robotic lawnmower that can perform this job for you without hassle. John Deere’s TANGO E5 is the device you need when it comes to taking care of your lawn fast and with complete efficiency. Is it as good as our best robotic lawn mower? Read on to find out.

John deere robotic lawn mower review


Water resistance

John Deere’s TANGO E5 is one of the few robotic lawn cleaners that actually have no problem when it comes to dealing with rain. Since the device is waterproof, no matter how hard it will rain, it will continue its job until completion.



The device is powered by a 2600mAH battery that is rechargeable. With it, it can mow up to 1800 square meters. However, in order to operate it you need to install a boundary wire, otherwise John Deere’s TANGO E5 will simply cut everything in its path. Once the boundary is installed though, the device will stay away from sensitive area which is certainly a plus. You just need to select the program and the John Deere’s TANGO E5 will go on its way and continue mowing. What’s really interesting about the TANGO E5 is that you can actually program it to mow at any time you want, even if you’re not in the area, which is indeed interesting.



Just like many similar mowers, this one can’t dispose of the grass, instead it cuts it then distributes the clippings uniformly around the lawn. An interesting feature that we liked is that you can mow the lawn at different, programmable heights which can range between 19 and 102 mm. Moreover, John Deere’s TANGO E5 comes with a bump sensor that makes it easy for the device to avoid obstacles that come in your way.



When you touch the handle with your hand or the device is tilted off the ground, John Deere’s TANGO E5 will automatically shut down thanks to the state of the art safety features. And if that wasn’t enough, you can add a pass code to it in order to stop thieves from stealing your device.



Unlike other similar devices, with John Deere’s TANGO E5 you just need to add the boundaries and then select the navigation mode. While there is also a spiral mode available, the most popular one is random because this way it will clean up your lawn faster.


Battery duration

Once the battery is running low, it will come back, charge (the process takes around 90 minutes) and after that it will resume its task. The mowing time provided with a single battery charge is around 60 minutes.



John Deere’s TANGO E5 comes with a stellar user interface that can be used by just about anyone, thanks to the fact that it’s very intuitive. With good controls for navigation and programming, the device can be set up in a matter of seconds.


Blade and durability

The John Deere’s TANGO E5 is specifically created to last for a very long time, as it has a solid body and the device is also protected from water, dirt and dust. The blade is made out of high end steel which is very powerful, allowing the device to cut grass with great accuracy and impressive results.



Thanks to a unique boundary system, a powerful blade, good battery life and great security system, this device is one of the best automatic lawnmowers, so if you need a tool that offers you safety, precision and accuracy when it comes to lawn mowing, then John Deere’s TANGO E5 is what you are looking for!

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