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Lithium battery for roomba is a solid purchase. Find out why

The one part that definitely needs replacement after 2 years of usage is the batteries. Regardless of which robot vacuum brand you are using, it is a common issue. Hence, this is one reason why I created this detailed guide on where to buy roomba battery.  In that article, I have shown you why lithium battery for roomba is one of the best replacement given its long operating of 4 hours. Today, I am letting you know more in depth about how lithium battery works for both older and newer models of the Roomba vacuum cleaner.


Can lithium battery be used?

The short answer is yes. However, there is a problem that you might need to be aware of.  For any Lithium battery that come in packs, there are 2 main controling parts:

  • Oone is called the Power Control Board (PCB) that manages the charging of the each battery cell
  • The other is cell balanacing circuit that dicates how each cell should be charged.

The early models of Lithium battery packs only contains the PCB. Without the cell balancing circuit, the pack becomes unbalanced i.e. some batteries are charge more times than others. Hence, the only solution was to take the pack apart and charge each battery individually.

Fortunately, the new packs of lithium battery contains both PCB and the cell balancing circuit, which eliminates the problems entirely.


Can lithium battery caused explosions or fire

One common myth is that using non manufacturer’s battery will potentially trigger fire or explosions. This cannot be further from the truth. As mentioned above, each battery comes with a PCB that is designed to work with Roomba charger. Due to his regulation of electric charges, using the batteries become a safe endeavor.

In my years of using lithium battery, I have never had any incident involving fire or explosions or any other kind of dangers caused by the batteries.


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