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Neato XV Series vs Botvac

When you want to purchase a new robot vacuum, there are numerous criteria that you are looking for. Of course, one of the most important ones is the manufacturer, as there are some reputable ones on the market that make the best robot vacuums out there. One of them is Neato, and for a long time no they have provided us with interesting, great products. Some of the best robot vacuums that they released recently are the XV series and the Botvac.

Neato XV Series vs Botvac

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Both the XV and Bovac have a similar design, in fact they pretty much look like a normal vacuum without any accessories. The interesting shape makes them very good at reaching and cleaning numerous types of surfaces, which is great. Both devices look pretty much the same, although the Bovac does provide some slight modifications that make it a little more visually appealing!



Since the Botvac is the newer model, it comes with a larger brush that allows it to get even closer to any walls, dust bin and so on. Alongside that, the Botvac does provide a much more efficient blower that works great as well!



Despite being newer, the Botvac is slightly louder than some XV models, especially the motor, but also the blade brush as well. However, when it comes to the actual cleaning process, the Botvac does clean better than any robot vacuum from the XV series, which is great from this regard. On top of that, The Botvac is significantly better at other types of actions, for example it climbs obstacles much quicker. From what we were able to experience, the brushes that come with the XV were very good at cleaning just about any type of dust and grime, although it did have some issues on carpets, whereas the Botvac did not.

Overall, from an efficiency standpoint, the Botvac slightly surpasses the XV series, although not by much, which means that both devices are great for daily uses. Both of them provide around 1h-1h30m of usage time, which is more than enough.



This was a major problem with the XV series, but thankfully the Botvac comes with a much more improved operating system that just works significantly better, and that’s certainly impressive. The device also has an improved bearing system when compared with the XV series, which means that movement is made seamlessly and it will work even better in this regard.



Depending on the Botvac model that you choose, it will cost you between $400 and $500. In comparison, the XV models are half the price most of the time, which makes them the best solution for those persons that want to shop on a budget.



Overall, both the Botvac and XV series provide a very good performance, with the Botvac being the best out of the pack. However, the downside when it comes to the Botvac is definitely the price, then again this is something that you should expect, as better technology will always cost more. Depending on the budget, you can opt for any one of these two, but if you want a much better, thorough and efficient device, then the Botvac is the best choice!

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