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Welcome to GoodRobotVaccum, a review site that helps you to make the right decisions in purchasing a top rated robot vacuum for your home. On this site, you can browse the selection of robot vacuum cleaners by different criteria and filters. Through the different organization, you will be able to better select the model that fits into what you are looking for. If there is any missing criteria, do let us know by dropping us an email.



Robotic Vacuum Brands

Robot Vacuum Brands

Roomba was the first brand that create the robot vacuum market. Since then, there has been a number of other companies that have launched their own versions of home robotic cleaners.

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Robotic Vacuum Reviews by Flooring Type

Types of flooring

Depending on the kind of flooring, some robot vacuum cleaners will be more suitable for your home than others. Hence, you can browse through our reviews by the kind of flooring tiles so that you can pick the right one that will not damage your floor.

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Robotic Vacuum Reviews by Prices

Robot Vacuum by Price

Robot vacuum cleaners are not cheap by any means. At, we understand that families have budgets and have organized our reviews according to the price that you are comfortable with.

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