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We have recently expanded on the scope of the site to cover robotic lawn mower reviews, on top of existing reviews on robotic vacuum cleaners.  It was not a conscious decision but as we write the content, we realise there was already a number articles touching on the topic of robot lawn mower. Hence, we decided to create a section for it to enable readers to easily browse the reviews that we have and see which model is the best robotic lawn mower for 2015. Here is what we have currently.

One of the big reasons for buying a robotic lawn mower is that you no longer have to cut the lawn when it is freaking hot outside. Imagine suffering the high humidity and insect bites while you are trying to get your lawn mowed. With this machine, you can simply relax inside while the robot is doing all the work outside.


Editor’s pick

  • Robomow RS630: One of best robotic lawn mower 9n 2015. Our top pick for the bunch. (Read review here)

Best robotic lawn mower


Robot lawn mower reviews by brand

Here are the different review we have done for the individual brands producing such a product. We expect this section to grow pretty quickly as more brands jump into this hot growing market.


Robotic lawn mower buying guide

If you need more guidance during the purchase process, here is what you should be looking out for before you commit to buying a particular model.

  • Cutting Performance: One of the most important buying criteria to look for out is the cutting performance. To evaluate it, you need to look at how closely the blade can cut towards the ground.  In other words, ask for the cut height before you make a purchase.
  • Cutting on slope: Related to the above is how versatile it can work with inclines. The Flymo robotic lawn mower can work up to 25% incline, which means it can cover most of the slopes found in your lawn or garden.
  • Programmable functions: Given that this is an intelligent device, you should look for programmable functions such as scheduling your mowing timing.
  • Speed: Another important factor is the speed which the robot can accomplish its task.
  • Noise Level: Most robotic lawn mower are dead silent when compared to their traditional counterparts.
  • Battery duration: You should know how long a robotic lawn mower can last on a full charge. Combined this with the speed info will give you an idea of how long a model needs to completely mow your landscape or garden.
  • Charging speed: Most models need an hour and a half to two to fully charge its batteries.


Hope you will find this resource page useful. Let us know if there are any missing items you want to see.

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