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Roomba vs Mint: which robot vacuum is better?

If you told anyone a few decades ago that robots are going to take care of the cleaning process in the near future then they wouldn’t believe you. However, we are now in the 21st century and while robots aren’t as evolved as we imagined, we do have the opportunity to use them for performing numerous things, and that also includes house cleaning.

In this article we are going to compare two powerful robots, the Mint and iRobot that were both designed to help us clean our house in a very efficient way, without any hassle.

The mint product has appeared quite recently on the market and it does seems to gain quite a lot of users thanks to the fact that it’s very easy to use, lightweight and it brings some amazing cleaning functions to the table, which make it very powerful despite its smaller size, which is surely impressive. The iRobot devices are larger in size, yet they are considered a modern day vacuum with intelligent, automatic controls, rather than an automatic floor cleaner like Mint.

roomba vs mint



As stated earlier in the article, the Mint has a very small size which makes it perfect for those people that don’t want to work with a large device. On the other hand, the iRobot devices are usually larger, but they do tend to offer a lot more features and functions, therefore the size difference is completely justified.


Ease of use

Again, the Mint device earns the crown, as it’s quite easy to prepare for cleaning, you just need to place a piece of wet or dry cloth on its removable cleaning pad and that’s about it. This makes it very suitable for people that are very busy yet still want to keep their house clean. The iRobot on the other hand requires almost the same care as the Mint device, but its larger size makes it harder to handle. In comparison, the Mint weights around 4 pounds when a normal iRobot, mainly the Scooba weights double that.



The iRobot devices always require you to fill the tank before and after each use, while the Mint needs juts a reusable microfibercloth, which is very easy to acquire and use. When it comes to cleaning both devices, it’s safe to say that both are very easy to wash and clean which is really useful.


Usage and results

Due to its smaller size, Mint tends to access harder to reach places a lot easier and faster, which makes it the perfect device for people that have multiple such places in their home. However, even if it doesn’t have the capability to get to all areas, the iRobot is much more efficient when it comes to cleaning, as it performs a much thorough job, which is very impressive. Mint is good as gathering dust and hair but when it comes to grabbing the debris from the floor it doesn’t seem to do a very good job, because it tends to just push in all over the floor. Due to its more powerful vacuum capabilities, the iRobot doesn’t have any problem when it comes to sweeping, brushing or washing, thanks to a powerful cleaning system that is developed in four different stages.


Speed and noise

The Mint maps the room when you start using it, which results in a much faster cleaning process. On the other hand, iRobot follows a random cleaning process, which takes longer yet it does its job a little better, so in the end it might be worth the wait. Noise-wise, as you might expect, the iRobot devices tend to make a lot more noise due to a large amount of power, but that is surely understandable.



iRobot brings multiple devices in its product range, but they usually tend to be priced in the 250-350$ range. In comparison, even if it is a smaller device, the Mint is priced at around 250$.

In conclusion, both these cleaning robots offer a very good service for the amount of money you pay for them, but when it comes to choosing one of those two, it mainly resides to where and how often you are going to use it. For some people the device size is crucial, while for other the effectiveness is the major criteria. This is why you should read this article and see how the two devices compare, then make your own decision based on the selected criteria.

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