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Roomba vs Neato: Which is the best robotic vacuum cleaner

The vacuum cleaners were a huge step forward when it comes to cleaning technology but people quickly became tired of doing the job manually and thought that it would be great to have someone else do it for them. This is how the autonomous robotic vacuum cleaners were born.

These devices, also called as robovacs come with lots of unique and important features such as mopping or UV sterilization that allow the robot cleaner to enter tight spaces and clean those hard to reach areas that were such a hassle for anyone.

When it comes to robotic vacuum cleaners, there are two manufacturers that offer amazing products at good prices, and these are Roomba and Neato.

roomba vs neato

Roomba’s set of robotic vacuum cleaners have been around since 2002 and up to this day they have sold more than 10 million units worldwide. Their clients are mostly happy with their product, but there are some people that complained about instability on most of their models.

Neato on the other hand is a much newer robot vacuum, with their first product being launched in 2010. However, they seem to integrate a better technology overall which makes them one of the fan favourites when it comes to such devices.

When testing these devices we wanted to make sure that nothing remains untested, so we went on and divided the whole process into 4 easy steps.


1. Maintenance

One of the first things you need to know when purchasing such a device is how much does it cost to maintain it and how hard it can be to clean the brushes and remove pet hair from brushes and gears. In this regard Neato is the winner, as most Roomba robots are mostly a magnet for hair and other type of filth. In addition, the Roomba also gathers a lot of dust and hair inside the housing which can make the whole cleaning process very hardtop perform. Neato on the other hand is very easy to clean, mostly because it adds a rubber flapper wheel instead of brushes and it also brings a tighter housing overall.


2. Navigation

A good robotic vacuum cleaner needs to have a good navigation and exploration, and this is where Neato and Roomba both shine. They do tend to suck up small object so it’s essential get those out of the way if you plan on using a robotic vacuum. They can both navigate the room just fine on their own, although they might encounter some problems from time to time especially if you have room barriers.


3. Pet Hair

This is one of the major problems and most people tend to buy such a device only to solve this problem. Both Roomba and Neato do a good job in this regard, although Neato is a little better when it comes to removing any signs of pet hair from floors and carpets alike.


4. Speed

One of the main reasons people buy a robovac is because they don’t have the time or patience to do this by themselves. It can be quite hard to find the time to vacuum, but fortunately these devices can take care of this problem very quickly. After performing some tests is important to know that the Neato devices are a lot faster than the Roomba ones, and they can perform the same job 2 or even 3 times faster, depending on the size of the room. Usually it takes 10-15 minutes for a normal room or even less.


5. Dirt removal efficiency

Both vacuums work great here, they tend to gather as much dirt as possible, so you won’t have any problem cleaning your house efficiently while using them.


6. Noise Level

Vacuums tend to be very noisy, and in this regard the Neato is the perfect example. The Roomba isn’t too far off from it, but it’s a little silent when compared to the Neato unit.


7. Battery

Both devices will clean up your house very fast without a battery recharge. The duration depends dramatically on how large your house is and how much you plan on using it, but usually it lasts around an hour or so for both Neato and Roomba.


In conclusion, both of these devices have a lot of features and they are quite efficient in what they do. Yes, they won’t be able to remove all the dirt and pet hair but will do up to 85% of this job, which is very impressive, as they will leave you with not that much to do anyway. It’s important to know what exactly you expect from these devices and buy it accordingly. If you think that noise is a problem for example you should buy a Roomba unit, but if speed is of the essence then Neato is the one you are looking for.

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