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The Bosch Indego review: Is it as amazing as it sounds?

Technology has stomped its way into our lazy hearts, with its promise of convenience and a better life. No longer do we have to bake ourselves under the sun, manually pushing grass-cutting machines almost as large as ourselves, inching forward with each grueling minute. Those days are far behind us, and I bid them farewell with the widest grin I could possibly give.

If you were impressed with the robotic lawn mowers from Evolution and Robomow, it might be time to alter your expectations, because the Bosch Indego has penetrated the market, and it’s coming in really strong. The thought of witnessing your lawn getting a trim while you sit underneath the shade, sipping your cold beer in-hand, is even more satisfying than it sounds. On top of that, Bosch is proud to say that has a few tricks up their sleeves to make the Indego even more interesting.

We decided to test out the Indego against two competing brands of robotic lawn mower: Flymo’s Robitic Lawn Mower 1200R, and Robomow’s slightly more affordable model, the RL550.

Flymo Robotic Lawn Mower 1200R review and comparison

Flymo Robotic Lawn Mower 1200R review
The Flymo Robotic Lawn Mower 1200R has a bit of a futuristic look. Encapsulated in an orange and black casing, the 1200R looks harmless enough to be a device that’s used indoors. Despite its seemingly friendly appearance, the 1200R performed well as the lawn mower that it was intended to be.

Unlike other robotic lawn mowers, the cables for the Flymo work best when they’re buried. This makes the setup process a little bit more complicated, since you’ll have to cut slots into your yard and push it down. With everything set in place and the programing just about ready, we let the Flymo 1200R work its magic.

The robotic lawn mower’s performance was surprisingly better than we expected. It did a great job with the yard, and it was a quiet operation. However, it did leave a border of approximately 30cm around the lawn, which forced us into getting that portion manually trimmed on our own. It wasn’t a time-consuming task, but it was disappointing enough considering that we expected to leave everything to the little robot.

Its safety features aren’t excessive, and you can expect the Flymo the bounce itself away if it were to encounter your child or a dog in its path. Its narrow cut-width ensures that not feet are going to get gruesomely injured, which is definitely a plus in my books.


Robomow RL550 review and comparison

Robomow RL550 review
One of Robomow’s successful features about the RL550 is that it isn’t necessary for the cable to be buried, and it works just fine sitting on the surface of your lawn. If you’re concerned about it being exposed, you can just push it down gently into the soil to give it some coverage.

As a robotic lawn mower, the Robomow RL550 does everything that it says; just that laying out the cables can be a difficult task if you have an odd-shaped lawn. Despite that, the RL550 all around works fairly well at a cheaper price point. However, it’s evidently clear that this might be a pricing strategy similar to those adopted by printers. The device itself is affordable, but the accessories you need to keep it running aren’t as friendly.

Robowmow’s batteries are known to be one of the more expensive ones in the industry. You might be able to shave off a few bucks at the start, but you’ll be set for disappointment if you haven’t considered the cost of swapping out old batteries for new ones. Factoring that into your initial cost will give you a better gauge on whether or not the Robomow RL550 is the robotic mower for you.


Bosch Indego review

Bosch Indego review
Now that we’ve ascertained the performance and shortcomings of the 2 other robotic lawn mowers, we can finally focus ourselves on the real prize: the Bosch Indego. Its bright distinctive green color makes you automatically associate the machine with being a lawn mower, giving it the benefit of looking the part. But more than that, the Bosch Indego surpasses the performance of most ordinary robotic lawn mowers.

Equipped with Logicut technology, you can expect to have your lawn trimmed accurately and precisely every single time. Instead of adopting a randomized pattern, Bosch’s Logicut technology allows the Indego to make its rounds around your lawn in a systematic manner. It maps out the overall shape of your garden on its first trip before computing the most efficient path for future sessions. It takes the route of parallel lines as its main method of navigation, ensuring that it’ll use less time and power without compromising on the quality of your lawn.

Slopes of up to 20 degrees are no issue for the Bosch Indego. However, if you have a few potholes in your lawn, you might want to fill them up or the robotic lawn mower will get confused with being picked up, triggering its safety-stop function.


Comparisons and conclusions

Unlike the Flymo, the Indego looks a lot better as a robotic lawn mower, especially if you’d prefer your grass-cutting machine to look the way that it should. At a deeper level, the Indego also performs superior to its other two competitors in terms of technology and quality. It’s able to trim all the way up to the edge of its perimeter wires to provide you with well-deserved perfection each time.

If there’s a robotic lawn mower that can promise you the ability to toss out your old mower, it has to be the Indego. Bosch has certainly done a spectacular job on its design, including every single safety and security function thinkable into this bad-boy. Coupled with the ability to mow upslope, and its Logicut technology, the Indego is at least a few steps ahead of its competition.

It’s hard to say outright whether the Bosch Indego is the best robotic lawn mower in the market, but what we can say is that it’s a product that’s better than most, a product that lives up to its claims, and a product that will be well-worth your investment.


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