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Up next: robot security for your home?

We have robot vacuum cleaners, robotic lawn mowers and even robotic window cleaners. Now, get ready for robotic security bots! LG, in this year’s CES 2016 displayed its latest domestic robot product, which is the security patrol bot.

Basically, it uses the same sensor technology that many current domestic robotic cleaners are already using. The innovation or upgrades, is in adding video and image capture features to the front end of the robots so that they can be sent to your phone. In this way, you will be able to monitor if anything out of the ordinary is happening. It is quite a clever innovation but I am sure home DIY hackers have already the ability to install such feature in existing robotic vacuum cleaners.

One easy way is to add a GoPro video camera on top of any Roomba vacuum cleaners and you are done. Just make sure the camera doesn’t fall off the vacuum cleaners!

LG isn’t the first to explore this potential market. In the US, a company called Robotex has already rolled out a series of bots that can patrol office buildings. These are called Avatar III and they look pretty cool, compared to the black rounded robots that LG has demoed.

Robotex's Avatar III security bot

The amazing thing about the Robotex Avatar system is its price. Initially, I would have thought the cost will be in thousands of dollars at least. However, its first version only retailed for USD299 so that is quite affordable.  Unfortunately, for its Avatar III system, I believe the price is still high, around USD20,000.

The usage of robots as domestic security patrol is still early and I am sure we will see more inventions in the years to come.

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