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Where to buy roomba battery replacement

One of the more problematic issues dealing with robot vacuums is their batteries. Believe me when I say you will encounter various different problems involving batteries such as removing battery, replacing battery, rebuilding battery etc. All are possible scenarios you will face as your robotic cleaner passes over their first year usage. In this article, we will address a very practical problem: where to buy roomba battery replacement when your current one dies off. Interesting, the manufacturer does provide replacement battery but it is expensive so you need to find your cheaper solution somewhere.

Below are possible models that have receive at least 4 star rating from 10 different buyers.

  • ANewPow lithium replacement battery
  • HQRP roomba replacement battery
  • Tenergy 14.4V roomba replacement battery
  • PWR roomba replacement battery


Product comparison

I will go right into the comparison before providing the description for the individual battery model.




roomba replacement battery operating time comparison 2

The most important thing to consider is the battery duration relative to their prices. In this aspect, the ANewPow is clearly the winner as it provides the longest duration, even higher than the Roomba’s original battery.



roomba replacement battery price comparison

Pricing wise, the most expensive purchase is actually from the original manufacturer and the ANewPow Lithium replacement battery. Hence, most try to seek alternative roomba battery which is more affordable.  With the exception of ANewPow, the price difference is actually not very significant as they fluctuate from $20+ to $30+. ANewPow is expensive because it is Lithium based but it offers the highest operating time and battery life.


Recharging time

A minor consideration is how fast the battery recharges. Across the models recommended here, PWR seems to have the fastest charging time but the difference is not that significant so it should not be a major factor in your purchase consideration.


ANewPow Lithium Roomba Battery Replacement

Lithium roomba replacement battery

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Hands down, this is one of the best roomba replacement battery in the market. It has a operating time of 4 hours + and can cater to the 500,  600, 700 and even the latest 800 series. It has received great reviews and is a very good alternative to the original batteries. Due to the use of Lithium, it can also recharges more time than any of the current roomba batteries. It is more expensive but the extra lifespan and longer operating time of the battery should outweigh its $60+ price tag.

The initial design had some problems with the 5oo series but the new release is now fully compatible and is worthy recommendation to any 500 series owners.


HQRP APS Battery for Roomba 500

HQRP roomba replacement battery

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The HQRP is a less expensive alternative as it is one of the best replacement battery for the roomba 500 series. On a single charge, it can go up to 2 hours and 2o minutes of vacuuming while the original battery only lasted 2 hours. Compared to other battery models, the HQRP is a bit expensive but its longer lasting feature is value for money.


Tenergy Replacement 14.4V APS Battery

Tenergy 14.4V roomba replacement battery

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This replacement battery can support a wider range of roomba models, ranging from the 500 to the 700 series. That is its advantage over the HQRP model. It is also the cheapest battery available that is of a higher quality.


PWR roomba replacement battery

PWR roomba replacement battery

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The PWR has also received pretty high ratings for the quality of its batteries. Not only does it have a slightly longer battery life than the original roomba, it charges faster as well. The only thing you need to take note is not to leave your battery to discharge completely as some reviewers have reflected that this will cause the battery to die permanently.



If you want a longer lasting battery with the highest operating time, then ANewPow is your best option. While it is costly, the value far outweighs its price.

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